Can Psychics Read People Without Their Permission?

by Mary Lee August 8th, 2018

If you’ve ever watched one of the psychic or medium shows on TV, you’ll notice they seem to walk up to anyone on the street and just start reading them on the spot.

These are called “ambush readings” in the industry. And whether it looks exciting to you, or terrifying, to have a psychic walk up and start reading you right then and there, rest assured, they can’t do so without your permission.

Despite the behind the scenes magic to appear spontaneous, all of the people who you see participating in those shows to receive a reading did sign a waiver and give their permission before they were ever read or put on TV.

Can Psychics Read Me Without My Permission?

Yes. Technically it is possible for a gifted psychic to be able to tune in on anyone’s energy and read people without their permission.

We all have the power to direct our energetic consciousness to anywhere in the world, in space or time! But it’s a skill that psychics regularly practice and have often spent much of their lives strengthening and honing in on.

So can they tune into and read anyone? Yes.

Do they? Probably some do, yes.

Should they? No

The best psychics, though they may have the ability to tune into your energy at any time, know it’s a boundary violation to read someone without their permission.

It’s part of my own ethics as Boston’s top psychic to only read those who have given me express permission to do so. And I offer a variety of tools and types of readings to allow you the comfortability of deciding how much of your energy you’d like to share with me. Tarot readings, for instance, can offer a more comfortable distance if you don’t want me to directly read your energy. Though the more direct intuitive readings can also offer more direct, clear and concise answers.

It all depends on your comfort level, the questions you have, and what you’re hoping to gain from your intuitive psychic session. As the top Boston psychic intuitive, I pride myself on maintaining a level of integrity that will allow you to feel comfortable and clear, whatever style of reading you choose.

Can a psychic read someone else’s energy for me?

This brings up another hot topic in the psychic industry, where clients often ask us to read the energy of those in their lives, to gain insight into their thoughts, motivations, and intentions. This is also a form of reading people without their permission.  

If you’re looking to use a psychic as a spy to get secret intel on someone in your life, think again.

Although there are certainly great tarot spreads that offer insight into the energy surrounding a relationship, or how the other person is showing up to that relationship specifically, an honest and professional psychic knows that to read into and reveal that person’s energy to you is a great invasion of privacy.

As the best Boston psychic intuitive, I can assure you I will only read your energy if you have asked me to. And by the same token, please don’t ask or expect me to read someone else, without his or her permission.

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