Why do Different Psychics Tell Me Different Things?

by Mary Trettenero in , June 19th, 2018

I often see clients who have been to more than a few different psychics in the past. In these previous readings, my clients may have gotten very different- and sometimes conflicting- answers to the questions they ask.

So, why do different psychics tell you different things?

Working with a psychic can set you on the right path, and give you the confidence to make a bold move for the better in your life. But as one of Boston’s top psychic mediums, I can tell you that it is important to be able to distinguish the accuracy of the readings you receive.

Below are some possible reasons that different psychics could tell you different things- and what to do to avoid conflicting information.

Why Different Psychics Could Tell You Different Things: 

Reason #1: A psychic that doesn’t understand their own symbols.

Each psychic has one or more gifts that are unique to them. It’s important for the psychic you see to be familiar and comfortable with how they receive information, and that they can interpret it accurately.

Let’s say you go to see someone who is clairaudient, or who can hear things from the spiritual realm. It might be quite accurate that they hear a jackhammer loudly in their head, but they may not realize that the sound is meant to indicate a great boon coming your way. If they misinterpret their symbol, you may get a message that destruction is coming into your life instead.

To guard against this, make sure you are choosing a reputable psychic who is in good standing with current and previous clients. The guide you seek should have years of experience under their belt and be able to understand the symbols they receive in readings.

Reason #2 Telling the client what they want to hear.

I’ve written before that a psychic needs to be accurate 70% of the time. Accuracy may require that the psychic you see relays information that is uncomfortable to you and to them. The problem is, a psychic who only tells the client what they want to hear is at best confusing and at worst in danger of leading them down the primrose path. Make sure when you are in session, that the psychic is giving you realistic information- that the good outcome is tempered with what issues you may face while getting there. You may visit one psychic who warns of a significant change in your life, and the next tells you that there’s nothing but smooth sailing ahead. If you are seeing a psychic who is telling you everything will always turn out great for you in the end, with no challenges or obstacles in your way, run.

Reason #3 Reading the emotions/energy of the readee’s desires

Sometimes a psychic will feel or see the energy or emotions of your desires and become heavily influenced by them. Being clairsentient (able to feel things from the spiritual realm), or empathic (able to feel the emotions and energy of others) is a great place to start in a reading. However, it’s important as a psychic to look past that and to disengage from the client’s desired outcomes in order to see what other possibilities may be in store for them. If you go into session with one psychic after breaking up with your significant other, they may tell you that you will marry your ex, being influenced by the grief you feel. A more grounded psychic may tell you that you’re actually breaking an old and toxic cycle. Painful, but necessary.

A psychic who is clouded by the power of your energy is missing important information that could change the course of your life. Choosing a psychic that is grounded and is able to take in all impactful elements will go a long way in giving you a more accurate reading.

Psychics have different backgrounds and life experiences.

Psychics come from all walks of life. As such, they have been raised with different influences, and prejudices. Psychics need to have the self-awareness of their history and how it might influence the information they receive. I was raised Catholic. As a reader, I have to receive information without the judgement and rigidity that can come from a Catholic upbringing.

Psychics have different strengths and weaknesses

It's unlikely that you'll get the same information from two different readers. There should be some overlap, of course. Readers often duplicate each other's statements though they might be worded differently. Some psychics are good at predicting the weather, or understanding personalities, or can give you names. Another psychic may get their information using color, or auras, or, concrete descriptions. Both psychics can be right.

What to Consider When Choosing a Psychic

A major rule of thumb when seeking psychic guidance is to work with only one or two people over the course of your journey. Each psychic is going to approach your reading in a unique way. You should choose to partner with a psychic that speaks to you frankly and in a language that you understand, and who has a proven track record with previous and current clients. Take your time and do your research.

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