Pet Mediumship Reading

Cost: $150/ 30 min and includes an mp3 recording of your animal communications session.

Dogs are one of the animals that communicate from the beyond.

When a pet dies, you begin a new journey. Your best friend, who loved you unconditionally, is no longer in the physical world to share your life's adventures. You know they will cross over one day, but you're never fully prepared when that day arrives. 

Many seek out a pet communicator so that they can hear from their pet who is in the afterlife. Mostly, they hope their pets arrived safely on the Other Side and want to know if they're happy. I've never had a pet say no to either question in my pet communication sessions.

Our pets become pure energy when they transition. They no longer have a physical body, so they are free to move about at will. They are no longer in pain, and so they are not suffering. They retain their personality and consciousness. You will recognize their essence when they're communicating with you.

People often wonder if their pet knows how much they love them. I can say emphatically that they do! They know the truth. They know how much you care. They are spiritually aware.

It's been my experience that most of the time, pets love to talk in their animal language. They don't feel that we're bothering them. They welcome the continued connection. You don't need a medium to communicate with a pet in the spirit world. You can talk to them anytime in your thoughts or by speaking to them out loud.


*All animal communications appointments must be paid for at the time of booking or upon receipt of an invoice. We do our best to accommodate you if you need to reschedule. There is no charge as long as we receive notification 48 hours before your appointment so we can offer that open appointment to another client

Dogs are one of the animals that communicate from the beyond.

What To Expect When Meeting With Our Animal Communicators

Embarking on a session with our professional animal communicators unfolds a sacred space where the bonds of love transcend the physical world. At Boston Intuitive, we specialize in offering peace and closure to those mourning the loss of their beloved animal companions through meaningful animal communication readings.

A Compassionate Connection

Our telepathic animal communicators establish a compassionate link with your pet in the afterlife, offering you a unique opportunity for continued communication. As we believe that animals communicate beyond physical existence, our practice enables you to reconnect with your pets and experience their undying affection and presence.

Insightful Revelations

During your pet communication session, expect the animal communicators to relay messages that may reveal insights into your pet’s experiences across the spiritual divide. It is not uncommon for our communicators to share your pet’s relief from physical pain, their current state of well-being, and their continuing emotional support for you – providing reassurance that their spirit thrives free from earthly constraints.

The Process of Communication

Our animal communicators, sometimes referred to as pet psychics, utilize their telepathic ability to tap into the energy and essence of your pet. This form of auditory communication transcends verbal language, entering a realm where feelings, images, and pure knowingness convey messages of love and validation from your pet.

Tailored to Your Experience

Each animal communication reading is personalized to honor the memory of your animal and the specific connection you shared. Whether it's a dog, cat, bird, horse, or a creature of a different type, our communicators are prepared to reach out to any species with sensitivity and respect for the diverse ways animals express their enduring bonds with us.

Emotional Healing and Closure

Our goal is to provide you with an experience that not only brings you closer to your departed pet but also fosters healing and emotional support. It is an intimate encounter that allows you to voice your lingering questions, share your feelings, and receive messages that could offer a profound sense of peace and closure.

Preparing for Your Reading

To maximize the benefits of your session with our animal communicator, come prepared with an open heart and mind, and possibly photographs or memories of your pet that you may wish to share. It is a space where both you and your animal communicator can work together to ensure that your treasured pet’s spirit is acknowledged and celebrated.

A journey with Boston Intuitive’s animal communicators is more than just a reading; it's an extension of the life you shared with your animal companion, affirming that love knows no end and that the spirit continues on a journey all its own.

Our telepathic animal communicator can speak with lost animals in the afterlife. We encourage people who have many different types of pets to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Mediumship

How can an animal communicator connect with my pet who has passed on?

Animal communicators use telepathic communication to connect with pets in the afterlife. They believe that animals communicate beyond the physical realm, and as professional animal communicators, they can tap into this form of communication to reach your pet's spirit.

Is animal communication possible with pets who are no longer with us?

Yes, animal communication is possible with pets on the Other Side. As pure energy, pets are free to communicate and retain their personality and consciousness, allowing animal communicators to connect with them and convey messages to and from the animal kingdom.

Can an animal communicator help understand my pet's feelings and behavior from the afterlife?

Absolutely. Animal communicators gain insight into the well-being and feelings of pets in the afterlife. Through animal communication readings, they can provide valuable insights into your pet's emotions and behaviors, even after they have passed.

Do all animals communicate the same way after they pass away?

While many animals communicate telepathically, the way animals communicate can vary. For instance, dogs communicate using a combination of auditory, visual, and chemical signals when alive. In the afterlife, the communication is believed to be more on a telepathic level as they no longer have physical bodies.

Will my pet understand if I try to communicate with them myself?

Your pet understands the love and messages you send their way. You don't need a medium to communicate with pets in the spirit world; you can talk to them anytime in your thoughts or out loud. However, an animal communicator can help facilitate and deepen this connection if you wish for a more profound experience.

How does an animal communicator perceive messages from pets in the afterlife?

An animal communicator receives messages through telepathic animal communication. This may include visual images, emotions, or thoughts that pets share with them. These messages can provide reassurance about your pet's well-being and confirm their presence and love for you.

Can a pet mediumship session help me cope with the loss of my animal companion?

Yes, a pet mediumship session can be an essential part of the healing process. By connecting with your animal companion and relaying messages of love and peace, a professional animal communicator can offer emotional support and help bridge the communication gap between humans and animals, especially during times of grief.

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