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Space Clearing

In addition to psychic reading, I also offer space clearing services as an energy healer. As a Boston psychic, I’ve learned to dispense energies that aid in rejuvenating and regenerating the space where you live or work. Space clearing refers to the variety of techniques I utilize to clean and energize your home or office. It’s considered a hygienic energy practice, usually associated with Feng Shui, and it cleanses energy emanations that exist all around us.

The human body itself emanates various energy fields, including light, electrical, heat, thermal, sound, magnetic and electromagnetic systems. I use my ability as a physic to tap into these energy fields and find the space that needs the most cleansing. Psychic space clearing is to our environment as a mind and body wellness technique is to our physical body.

Vacant rooms devoid of objects may look like only an empty space, but in reality, they are vibrant and alive with energy particles. According to recent theories in Quantum Mechanics, what seems like empty space may be filled with copious amounts of energetic residue from positive and negative memories, thoughts, emotions and events of all the people who inhabited that space over generations.

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Studies such as Dr. Masaur Emoto’s ground-breaking work with water and ice crystals, support the theory that positive and negative thoughts and emotions have an impact on our physical space well beyond simply thinking a thought or feeling an emotion.

Also, a core belief of mind and body medicine is that unresolved toxic thoughts and emotions that are not addressed, can later manifest in the body as physical illness. Respected medical practitioners all over the world have incorporated this belief, as well as other energy medicine concepts into their medical practice.

Consider the possibility that the residue from unresolved thoughts and emotions may still exist in the air and in the structural materials around us. Whether in nature; like rocks, trees and land, or in the very walls that surround our living spaces, the energy from different emotional events are often transferred to our physical environment, where traumatic events leave the most lasting impression. The goal in space clearing is to remove lingering toxic energy to make spaces healthy again.


Every space is different and together we create and implement a space clearing plan specifically tailored to each property. I work with your floor plan and use a variety of different techniques including clapping, prayer, intention, Reiki, smudging and sound healing. Sacred sound vibration from a Tibetan Singing Bowl is essential for all my space clearings. It helps spread your good intentions, prayer, and positive vibrations throughout the entire space

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Please click on the link  to download a  “Free Guide To Space Clearing Your Home."

Cost: A simple space clearing is $750 for up to 800 square feet. I’ve cleared homes, schools and businesses as large as 14,000 square feet. Time required for the clearing and the cost is based on square footage.


MaryLee’s space clearing was wonderful. We feel that she is very gifted. It’s been several weeks since MaryLee visited our home, and all I can say is there’s a new calm in our historic building. We feel more productive with our home businesses and are feeling a new flow and peacefulness in the space that we’ve never felt before. Thank you, Mary Lee!


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