I just want to take a moment and thank you. I’ve had so many readings with you over the past years and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and incredible expertise. The readings are so helpful and fun. The insight you provide is invaluable. The way you share it with others is so incredible and I’m very thankful. I hope you have a great weekend.


Thank you so much MaryLee! I really enjoyed our session and have much to process. You tapped right into the state of affairs in my life! You were spot on with many issues. I am grateful you sent me the file. I’m looking forward to reviewing it. I feel as if you really understand my angst. And sadly, I knew there would be no easy answers. As of right now, I’ve held onto your earlier message about these two “things” continuing in parallel. I’ll await guidance from the Universe. I’m on some journey here and quite honestly I don’t know where I’m headed outside of in search of true self.


For more than 10 years, I have been seeking the advice of Mary Lee. Her readings are nothing short of an awakening on multiple levels. She seems to channel your inner questions and responds accordingly through her own channeling of spirits and card reading. She truly is intuitive and very dedicated to her craft. Mary Lee also provides you with a voice recording of your session which is great to revisit when you might need a reminder. Amazingly accurate. Highly recommend!

Susan (Rochester Hills, MI)

I’m sure you hear this a lot but you really blew me away – amazing information. I’m so happy to have had the experience, and I thank you again and thanks for going a little long today. It’s an amazing gift you have and share! So much to think about…my cup is over flowing … at some point I’d like to come back once I get to the point where I have questions again and I won’t hesitate to recommend you ( I already recommended you twice today :- )


Hi MaryLee – I had the pleasure of meeting with you in 2009 and although the news you gave me wasn’t great, it all did come true and I thank you for being able to prepare me.


Hi MaryLee – I’m referring someone to you through a friend. You’re wonderful and I want you to see a few people I know.


Hi MaryLee. I hope that you are well. I thank you again for this reading. Actually, a lot of what we talked about is true or coming true. The reading really helped me out, and I just wanted to thank you.


Hi MaryLee; I met you 2 years ago at NC’s house. You and I had a really lovely discussion and I have kept in my thoughts ever since. (A very specific thing you predicted in fact came to fruition). It was a group reading and you worked with tarot cards. I would like you to meet my daughter and I would like to sit with you again.


Hi MaryLee, I wanted to thank you for your readings a few weeks ago. They were most insightful and have given me much hope!


Hi MaryLee, Thank you for your insightful reading; you were right on target on many levels. I would like to see you in the future for help with my work and personal self-improvement.


Hi MaryLee. Thank you! I look forward to having another session!


Hi MaryLee. Happy New Year! A mutual acquaintance, JS, spoke very highly of you and your gifts. I am hoping to arrange a reading as soon as possible.



Hi MaryLee. Both Cathy and I so appreciated your sensitive, insightful, and thought provoking readings…I know I am still absorbing, processing and shifting my perceptions from our conversation! 


Thank you for an exceptional reading! The information poured out of you! 


I have worked with MaryLee over the past ten years or so. Through her focused attention on my being and her capacity for an intuitive connection with the psychic milieu that surrounds me, she receives words and images that she offers back to me. Never invasive or directive, MaryLee provides the zing of insights that allow me to get my own “aha” for next steps in my life journey.

Ordained Interfaith Minister

Thank you MaryLee. I enjoyed revisiting our intuitive reading. Talking with you was absolutely wonderful! 


Thank you. Very helpful! 


Thank you so much for the reading. As usual, you’re right on the mark.


MaryLee is masterful at communicating insights. I consulted her seeking clarity about my career, and I got just that, in a completely fresh and unexpected way. Straight up, she said, “Just do all of it” without knowing I had in the back of my mind, “What can I take off my plate?” Needless to say, that got a great chuckle. She suggested an astute and suitable reframe for the way I viewed my experience and answered questions for me about management and change in a simple, charming way others have been unable to address to my satisfaction. The language she used was a kind of poetic, yet professional, language that was very easy to take in and carry forward. Additionally, she did not leave language vague- for instance, when she said, “balanced” or “boundary,” she defined exactly what she meant by the term, and what she did not mean. I very much look forward to experiencing the events she described play out (yes, even the “exhaustion” and the “drama”) and consulting with MaryLee in the future.” SMC, MBA student “Dear MaryLee, thank you very much. It was a very insightful card reading.


Thanks so much for your intuitive reading. Great insights and intuition!


Thanks again MaryLee. I found that call today really, really helpful. I really appreciate your insights. Have a good weekend.


As you predicted last month, I am no longer with the company I was working for. In ways, I feel a sense of relief. Now that the company is out of the cards, I would like to explore paths that might be good for me to pursue. Please let me know when you’re available for a reading.


I’ve had readings with you before, both in person and via email. You’ve been right each time. About two years ago, I was contemplating divorce, and you said that you felt like I wouldn’t go through with it. Although I was so completely sure I wanted that divorce, and hired the attorney and served papers, you were right, I couldn’t go through with it. Too much compassion still in my heart for my husband plus guilt over the kids.


Hi MaryLee, Thanks for the reading. I listened at least twice of your reading record, it was great, I think I understand much more after I reviewed it. I really appreciated that you encouraged me to have a serious conversation with my boyfriend, which makes me look through to the truth. I gratefully appreciate it



There are many readers who have some psychic ability but have difficulty consistently accessing it. And, there are many readers who are unable to decipher and communicate the psychic information they receive. MaryLee is one of those very talented few that is able to easily access psychic information and effectively communicate what she receives to her clients. She has appeared on my psychic radio call-in show numerous times. On each show she has received very high ratings from listeners for her accuracy and clarity. Over the past 20 years I have worked with and interviewed hundreds of psychics. In my experience, MaryLee’s psychic and intuitive work stands out above the crowd.

Richard Lanza

Owner Open Doors Holistic & Metaphysical Gift Store Host of, “Open Doors Holistic Hour”, Tuesday mornings on WBET Radio

I would describe myself as a skeptic who is game so a few months following the death of my long time partner, when a good friend asked if I would like to have a session with a visiting intuitive medium friend of hers, I said “Sure, why not?” Of course the out-of-town friend turned out to be Mary Lee Trettenero. On the appointed day in July, 2011, my friend introduced us and left the room for the session to start. When Mary began to communicate things my beloved partner wanted me to know, as a psychologist myself I immediately recognized the therapeutic value of whatever it was taking place. That is I found myself being able to identify feelings I hadn’t previously known I had even, much less had ever discussed with my own therapist. But beyond the session itself, which was interesting to say the least, the greater value I would have to say has been its aftermath. I will never have total closure on my partner’s death but my session with Mary went a long way in making progress in that direction, and most importantly, it has helped me feel closer to whatever spirit of his which continues to live on in the universe.

Midge Wilson, Ph.d

I’ve been seeing MaryLee for many years. She regularly brings my father through in the readings. She has captured our relationship and his sense of humor in a way that I feel that he is still present. I’ve had readings during some turbulent years and always leave feeling more centered and regardless of what questions I ask MaryLee to answer, she always gives me a response that I can hold, it is not good or bad, but rather it is about life possibilities. Fate and circumstances are always there, and so is free will. She is brilliant at inviting you to think and introspect about this delicate balance.


When I was writing my first book, “How To Get A Good Reading From A Psychic Medium” I asked MaryLee if I could interview her for my book and also have a reading with her. I found her to be an honest and accurate reader. There are many in our field who do not have the integrity that MaryLee has. She may not always tell you what you want to hear, but she will tell you what she is honestly getting because her standards are high. If you want a psychic to say, “Yes” to you, then call someone else. If you want a real reading then call MaryLee. I have referred many people to MaryLee and get rave reviews on her work.

Carole Lynne

Psychic Medium, Teacher, Author

I’ve had several readings with MaryLee. Her intuitive perceptions clarified several business and personal situation where I’d felt stagnant and unfocused, yet knew I needed to act. MaryLee accurately described to me future opportunities which came to fruition. Her comments and insights have helped to feel grounded and gain fresh perspective.

Lindsay Hill

Principal & Creative Director Lindsay Hill Design, Haven Boutique

Several times a year, over the past five years, I’ve offered a special promotional event, with mini-readings by MaryLee, out of my store, Olivia Browning, in Charlestown. It’s a popular event with my customers and gives them a reason to browse. I’ve gotten to know MaryLee over the years and vouch for the integrity of her readings. She covers real life issues and my customers report they feel better, clearer and more empowered when they come out of their session.

Abby Gray

Owner, Olivia Browning of Charlestown

MaryLee has been a calming force in my life that has allowed me to prosper in all areas of my life. Since I have been working with her, my career has soared. She has enabled me to face my business challenges with fearlessness. This fearlessness has opened doors and allowed me to attain success levels I never expected in this life. There are no limits and MaryLee helps me remember this.”


To everyone there comes a time when the answers we seek seem to be beyond our grasp. Perhaps, it is because one asks the wrong questions, which in turn leads to poor solutions. To the skeptic, I would say this- don’t reject out of hand what you don’t yet understand!I can speak from experience that an open mind has paid real dividends. For years, eight classrooms in my school were heavy and unproductive; the they were re-energized by space-clearing, In fact, student behavior improved, and teacher satisfaction rose significantly.

High School Principal

MaryLee combines her incredible gift for intuitive readings by also being well-grounded and down-to-earth. She is genuine in her personality and in her psychic abilities. I appreciate how well she is able to listen, tune in, and “hear” what is going on in my life and then to answer questions I bring. The result is that MaryLee has helped me make better, more informed and wiser decisions at points in my life when I was at a crossroads.

Mike S.

MaryLee provides everything you’d ever want from a psychic intuitive reading: She’s clear, specific, and genuine. Her insights are extremely helpful and I recommend her with confidence to my nearest and dearest.

S. L. Ackerman

The first time I got a reading from you it was mainly to try to figure out why a three-year relationship ended. Without my telling you anything about my ex-boyfriend, you had him pegged. You told me many things about our relationship and why it ended. The things you said were so accurate, it finally gave me some closure so I could let go and begin to heal. In that same reading you told me I was going to get some kind of reward at work for teaching Reiki. I couldn’t visualize getting any award. Imagine my surprise when I got recognition and a certificate for my Reiki teaching at the annual employee recognition ceremony at the hospital where I work. You also told me I was going to meet a guy who had thick blond hair that is graying at the sides. You said he would work in an office and be a manager of some type. It turned out he worked in a NY State Office and was in charge of the computers there. Thank you, MaryLee!


Mary Lee has been an important guide for me both as a mother of a teenager and as an executive director of a small non-profit organization. The intuitive questions and images that come to her during our sessions help me clarify the complex dynamics of what is going on in a given situation and enrich my insight into how to go forward.



MaryLee’s intuitive guidance has been enormously helpful for my career and business decisions. I always consult her before making any major decisions.

Harvard Business School Graduate

I had the pleasure of working closely with MaryLee for eight years in the hotel industry as both her coworker and boss while she was in Chicago. She was regularly promoted in this fast-paced, first-class, major hotel chain. Since our hotel days, we have both moved on to new careers. MaryLee always had a keen insight into how to handle management, customer, and employee-related issues. I came to rely on her intuition then as I do now. She has a gift for listening and seeing what it is you need. Her guidance is invaluable.

TS, Association Executive

On behalf of American Airlines in Boston I would like to thank you for making our “Beautiful in Boston” day a success. The last year has been an extremely difficult one for everyone in the United States and certainly hit us hard at American Airlines in Boston. You helped us feel beautiful.

Lynda J. Johnson

American Airlines Training Coordinator, Boston September 17th, 2002

When I have questions about my employees’ integrity, I contact MaryLee to tune into the situation. Through information she’s provided in the past, which she had no way of knowing, I’ve been able to collect data pertinent to my resolving these issues satisfactorily. I have found her guidance instrumental in helping me to make some very tough company decisions.

L. Alli, Business Owner

I consulted MaryLee about a buying a home. When we went through the list, she was able to describe each home, the area they were in, and the features of homes, based solely on looking at an address. She never saw any of the houses. She was able to steer me away from houses that would have had significant repair costs and saved me many times the cost of the read.


During my reading MaryLee said, “You had three friends that you shared a lot of laughter with, around age seven, not neighbors, school chums. Boy, did you laugh.” In fact, I did have three childhood friends with whom I laughed a lot. So much so that our teacher used to call us the “four giggles.

Jenna Catherine

Author of “Conversing With The Future; Visions Of The Year 2020″

I’ve had many readings over the years but none have come close to the accuracy I experienced with MaryLee; I am so happy to have found her!”

Melissa Forman

She’s amazing!”

Vicky C. Hallett, Magazine Chair, Harvard Crimson

A friend recommended that I go to MaryLee to help me deal with the intense grief I felt after the suicide of a loved one. I was not expecting her to have such incredibly clear access to information that she could not have possibly known, and to convey this information so patiently and with such compassion. I felt perfectly at ease asking about and discussing answers to some intensely personal things. Even if she did not have such a strong intuitive gift, she would make a wonderful counselor. The fact that she could “hear” my beloved made all the difference in my healing.


I have had several psychic parties where MaryLee gave readings. My friends and colleagues are continually surprised at how accurate she is. Some of the comments were, ‘Hit a home run,’ ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’, ‘She tuned right into me!’, ‘How does she do that?’ Every time MaryLee comes to town we try to connect. I have a list of friends who enjoy her talent and are interested in seeing her when she’s here. MaryLee is always compassionate and down to earth. We have a lot of fun. I look forward to her visits!


To my complete amazement, MaryLee zeroed in on the critical issues in my life. I review often, the information she shared with me during our time together. Never, even after years of counseling, have I been able to see so clearly the subtle and not so subtle influences that have affected my life. I am so thankful that MaryLee uses her gift in such a powerful way. Since my reading, I have made significant changes in my life and way of thinking. I am so thankful our paths crossed.

Kaal Huggins

Thanks you so much for the reading today! I thought I might feel nervous during our session but I felt completely at ease in your presence. Your gift is impressive. You connected so clearly and communicated your insights so well. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I do hope to see you again in the future. My best wishes for your continued success, health and happiness.



Both my wife and I have been interested in energy work and the idea of psychic energy for the last dozen years. We heard about MaryLee through a local friend and we asked her to help with our Boston-area condo. We recently started working at home together and thought a space clearing could be really helpful. As Mary Lee initially just walked through our home, she sensed things almost immediately. She focused on “stuck” energies in various walls and areas. It was fascinating to watch her and then listen to her comments. Sometimes she referred to messages from the distant past, such as describing “women wearing finery” and at other times she was hearing more recent things, including observations and insights that turned out to be about us. We even had her “read” a few pieces of furniture that provided interesting stories which Mary Lee expertly interpreted. Afterwards, my wife and I looked at each other and asked, how did she get that information?! It was so interesting, and we’re glad we took notes to re-read the next day. MaryLee is a special person, and her space clearing was wonderful. We feel that she is very gifted. It’s been several weeks since MaryLee visited our home, and all I can say is there’s a new calm in our historic building. We feel more productive with our home businesses and are feeling a new flow and peacefulness in the space that we’ve never felt before. Thank you, Mary Lee!


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