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Clients ask many of the same questions when inquiring about a reading. Here are the most frequently asked questions. Please note that psychics have varied reading styles so my answers will differ from another psychic’s answers. 

  • What is the difference between a mediumship reading and a tarot reading?

    Mediumship involves talking to the spirit world. You are connecting with a loved one who has passed to the spirit side of life. If you book a mediumship reading – there is no guarantee, which spirits may show up or what they discuss. 

    Intuitive Tarot readings provide intuitive insights and guidance applied to your life today. The information may be related to the past, the present, or the future.

  • Will you tell me about my future?

    I believe that you create your future by the choices you make every moment. The future is dynamic – it changes as you or others change their decisions. You have the Free Will to make alternative decisions that can change your future.

  • Can I do half tarot and half mediumship for my reading?

    I don’t combine these two different types of readings in one session. You may book two sessions back to back, if you’d like to do both. FYI - At this time, I only offer one hour mediumship readings.

  • Is a 30-minute session enough or should I book 60 minutes?

    I do my best to give you as much information as possible within the length of time of the reading you booked. You have to assess for yourself what the appropriate length of time needed for your session. 

  • Can I bring someone with me? 

    For intuitive tarot sessions- only the person receiving the reading is allowed in the session. There may be sensitive information that comes up and you need to feel free to respond. For mediumship sessions- you can bring one additional family member without charge. For more than you and one family member, there is a $50pp charge.

  • What is your format? Can I ask questions?

    For intuitive tarot sessions – I divide the reading in half. The first half of the session, I do most of the talking. In the second half, you can ask questions. To get the most out of the second half, I recommend that you prepare a list of questions. For mediumship sessions, I give you a brief overview of how mediumship works. You may hear from 1 spirit or 3 – 4 spirits. Each reading is different. It depends on which souls are around you. Though I hope that you’ll hear from the spirit you most want to connect with, there is no guarantee, which spirit(s) will show up.

  • Is there parking? 

    Charlestown is part of the City of Boston. There are residential parking restrictions on my street. The closest parking is 1 ½ blocks away at Bunker Hill Monument where there is two-hour free visitor parking. Park on the side of the road nearest to the monument. Park as close as you can to the corner of Lexington St and Tremont St. Walk down Tremont St for one block. Take a right on Prospect and walk a ½ block to 26 Prospect Street. 

  • Do you record my session?

    Yes. I record the session and send it to your email address within 48 hours. Please note there are occasions when the recording device fails.

    There are no adjustments or refunds if the recording device malfunctions. 

  • What if you and I aren’t connecting?

    Even the best psychics can’t read everyone. Sometimes, it may have to do with your expectations. It may also be a matter of not connecting to the psychic’s style. If the reading isn’t working, either you or MaryLee must speak up and stop the session within the first 10 minutes to receive a full refund – no questions asked. If you’d like to come back on another day to try again, that works too!

  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

    We understand that things come up. To receive a full refund, you must give 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel. You will be charged a $50 fee for cancellations and changes with 24 – 48 hours notice. We do not issue refunds for same-day cancellations and changes. 

  • What if I’m late? 

    If you know you’re going to be late, contact me ASAP. You will still have to pay for the full price of the reading for a partial session.

  • Do you do parties? 

    Yes, I do tarot readings for both small and large parties. I charge $300 per hour with a 3-hour minimum. I have colleagues that I work with if you need additional people for larger parties. I tailor the readings according to your needs.

  • How long do you recommend that I wait before getting another reading?

    I believe that you know when you need a reading and I’m careful about someone coming too often. I’m alert to anyone becoming dependent on psychic input rather than listening to themselves.

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