How Preparing Questions Can Help Your Psychic Reading

by Mary Trettenero in August 21st, 2018

When you're considering seeking out psychic counsel, you may already have a slew of questions you need help figuring out.

I encourage people to come with a set of questions when they have a psychic reading with me, but we don't start there. I work a little differently.

How working with MaryLee is different:

I have complete faith and trust that my guides and psychic insight will lead me to hone in on the specific areas of your life that need attention. For the first half of our intuitive reading together, I do most of the talking and provide insight and information without prior knowledge about you or your questions.

As the Best Boston psychic intuitive, this is my passion and unique gift! When you put your expectations on hold and allow me first to read you intuitively, it can open you up to seeing important information that wasn't on your radar screen yet.

This also may answer many of the questions you came in with or will point out areas in your life or perspective that need some shifting to see the bigger picture of your struggles or obstacles.

I'm here to help answer your questions, but I also believe if you come in with set expectations of what will come up during our reading, it may close you off from hearing some of the essential information that can change your life.

So for the first half of our reading, I rely on my guides and intuition to identify the pressing issues that must be discussed.

Should I still prepare questions ahead of time for my psychic reading?

Yes, please do!

During the latter half of our intuitive psychic reading together, we will address any specific questions you still feel need some answers and insight.

You may notice that many of the questions you came in with will be revealed through the first half of our time together before you even ask them! As Boston's Top Psychic, I rely on spiritual guidance to emphasize what needs to be discussed in your reading.

I was taught that issues come up in priority order according to our guides and intuition, and everything I reveal to you comes from a higher source—a set of questions prepared beforehand .

Benefits to preparing your own set of questions before the reading

It can be a great exercise- not only to help you get them out of your mind and onto paper but also so you can free up some mental space to receive new information. It can also help keep you more focused on the significant issues in your life and make it easier to stay on course so we use our time together productively!

New questions may arise after the first half of your reading. That's why I dedicate the last half of our time together to answering your questions and making sure anything on your mind is clarified for you.

Are you ready to see what higher guidance Boston's Top Psychic can reveal?

If you're looking for the kind of psychic reading that will leave you feeling empowered, clear, and able to navigate your life more fulfilling, you'll love my intuitive psychic readings.

You'll gain the benefit of receiving messages from your higher guidance, as well as getting your questions answered. I'm excited to see what my guides and intuition reveal for you!

Get in touch to learn more, or schedule your reading today.

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