Tips For A Successful Psychic Tarot Reading


• At the time of your appointment, make sure to find a quiet place away from distractions. Take measures to ensure you won’t be interrupted by house or cell phone calls, children, employees, pets, or other visitors.

• Make sure to prepare a list of questions and concerns about your most difficult issues that you want addressed during your reading and bring it with you.

• Be aware that the reading will be divided into two parts. For the first half of the reading, I will become a clear channel for intuitive guidance and information passed on to me from my highly developed psychic subconscious. The second half of the reading will address the list of questions or concerns you’ve brought with you, if they have not already been tackled.

• Please acknowledge that some things are not meant to be known, or not meant to be known until a later date. There is a limit to my capabilities, although I will try my best, I cannot guarantee you will get all the information you desire.

• Remember that as your psychic counselor, I hold the strictest confidence that your personal issues will not be discussed with anyone else. Sometimes, a subject that you are most anxious about and want to move on from, is the very one that is critical to discuss to gain clarity.

• It’s helpful if you try to have a sense of humor about yourself and any information revealed to me. I am here to guide, not to judge any past actions or current desires. The entire reading experience is not as successful if the first half of the session is cut short. The format is designed to help our intuitions get in sync and I will always ensure your agenda is attended to during the second half of the reading.

• Expect the unexpected and keep an open mind. I may focus on a subject that surprises you or catches you off guard. Please remember that you scheduled your reading to gain insights and new perspectives which can often come as a shock.

• Know that when you walk away from your session, you are free to use or discard any of the information that you received during the session. That is your free will.


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