What steps can a person take if they feel they are psychic?

by Mary Trettenero in , May 9th, 2016

If you feel you are in the midst of a psychic awakening, I’m sure you are feeling a mix of emotions; excitement, anxiety, curiosity and perhaps even fear. Maybe you even doubt if such a thing is possible. As a Boston Psychic, my intuition is consistently being awakened in new ways. If yours is too, there is a good chance you have evoked your own psychic awareness of the energies around you.

Usually a person will not simply wake up one morning and realize they are blessed with heightened intuition. Most times, there will have been a trigger somewhere in the past that causes a psychic awakening. Some of the most common origins include an accident or near death experience, losing a loved one, trauma, the birth of a child or participating in a simple hypnosis session or energetic healing session; such as Reiki.

There are also many different ways a person can feel psychic or feel their intuition is heightened. It may start out simply with a growing desire to move away from negativity, to eat healthier, to learn more and be more spiritual. This can progress to having vivid dreams that become more frequent or having a sense that something will happen, or a sense of knowing something about someone where you shouldn’t, and being consistently validated. You may acquire heightening physical senses as well as become more connected to the spirit world as a psychic medium.

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As a Boston psychic, it took several years to even realize I was highly intuitive, but I did not shy away from it. I took the steps needed to develop my abilities. It’s your choice whether or not you wish to develop and hone these new skills, or let nature take its course. If you decide not to do anything, your fears or unhealthy habits may prevent you from developing reliable psychic abilities any further. Worst-case scenario would be your intuition becoming blocked so you’re shut down from using it.

If you do wish to develop your psychic abilities, there are a few simple things you can do every day that will help you discover what you are truly capable of. Most importantly, meditate for at least 10-15 minutes a day. I truly believe that intuition is born out of serenity and becoming grounded. Mediation allows you to be in a more relaxed state and so that you connect deeply within with yourself. There are many forms of mediation, including guided meditation or a simple nature walk. Find one that works for you and commit to entering an uninterrupted peaceful state of mind everyday.

There are several types of meditation. One type is to quiet the mind. You sit in stillness and let go of any thoughts that arise as you notice them. The goal here is that you become like a blank screen and maintain an empty mind. You don’t need to be perfect. When you find your mind has locked onto something again – let it go with ease. 

Another type of meditation is purposeful where you gain insights by having a still mind. Through your meditation, you can get to know your capabilities. What do you want to know? What do you want the Universe to show you? Can you connect with the other side? Call on your Spirit Guides and see what happens. Are there people you know who have passed on? This is where you can discover the possibility of being a psychic medium.

After meditating, you can practice psychometry. Psychometry is where you read the energy of an object. Pick any object in your house, preferably something that belongs to someone, a piece of jewelry or a hat, and then close your eyes and open yourself to the object. Can you intuitively sense, see, or hear anything about its owner?

Unique you can try that will help you develop your psychic abilities is visualization. Sometime the Universe or the Spirit world may be trying to send you a message, but your own mind is not open to the information.

A good way to practice visualization is through flower visualization. Grab a bouquet from your yard or a local shop and place it in front of you. Study the details of the flowers for a few moments. Now close your eyes and imagine one of the flowers. What details can you see? Can you smell the flower too? When you can see the flower clearly in your mind, move on to the next flower, and so on. If you master flower visualization, try opening yourself to images while you meditate. What do you see? Why do you think you see it? You can also use other objects to practice visualization.

These are just a few practices you can explore if you want to develop your psychic ability or find out if you are a psychic medium by yourself. I always recommend finding a good teacher or teachers. As you grow, you will learn more and more about your own abilities. If you open yourself up, the Universe should guide you to your best self, but only if you are willing to listen.

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