5 Tips For Intuitive Self-Care

by Mary Trettenero in , July 6th, 2022

As Boston's top psychic, many clients come to me using my intuition to help them gain clarity about leading an authentic, fulfilling life.

As a psychic intuitive, I also help individuals get in touch with their intuition and hone their intuitive skills to live their best lives. I call this DIY intuition "intuitive self-care." 

What is intuitive self-care? 

Intuitive self-care is about listening to - and following - your body's innate wisdom concerning what it needs. 

Let's back up a second and talk about intuition first. 

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach or a gnawing suspicion about something you just knew to be true (without any actual proof or rational explanation), and it turned out you were right? 

That's your intuition talking. It's your brains and guts working together to alert you to how you feel about something. It is your body's intelligence and way of communicating with you and works on a different level than your cognitive mind. 

You see, our body knows what it needs regarding food and nourishment, exercise, connection, and even pleasure. 

So, what about the self-care part? 

Well, intuitive self-care is when you listen to your body's signals and act on them to live as joyfully and healthfully as possible. When you heed your body's warnings and messages, you live in line with what your soul truly needs in the here and now.

Below are five tips to get you on the path to intuitive self-care. 

Tip #1. Ask yourself in the moment how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

This practice can be a bit difficult for some of us. We are bombarded daily by many things that take our attention away from our present and immediate circumstances and how we feel. To-do lists, emails, news, Instagram, and 24/7 access to our smartphones. It drowns out our intuition. We can't hear it amid all the noise.

I suggest taking time out in a quiet place to scan yourself - your body, mind, and emotions. Slow things down. Be aware of yourself, others, and your surroundings. Be observant.

For example, during a typical workday at the computer, you might not even realize it, but if you take a moment and examine yourself, you may feel that your shoulders are tensed up and nearing your ears or that you're slouching. This poor posture could result in a headache or backache. But now that you're aware of it, you can make small changes to improve your situation. Stand up, stretch, breathe, relax your shoulders and straighten your posture when you sit back down. 

Well, you can make the same minor tune-ups emotionally as well. But the first step is to be aware of what's happening within you by checking in with yourself. 

Tip #2. Now that you know what your body is telling you honor it. 

Have you ever been going full steam ahead with work, for example, knowing that you need to slow things down but don't? And then - boom - the Universe does it for you? You get a cold, or you take a tumble and sprain your ankle. 

Why wait for the Universe to stop you in your tracks? Listen to those messages your intuition sends you so you can address things more benignly early on. If you don't, it's more likely that the Universe will do it for you. 

If you need time to relax and recharge, take it. If you know you should be exercising more, try to stay fit through walking first, and then maybe move on to a slow jog. If you know you need to work on your attitude, start with a gratitude journal. Even small steps can go a long way to get you where you need to go. 

Tip #3. Uncover hidden or unacknowledged patterns and behaviors.

Now that you are being observant, you can start making connections. 

Typically, when something, let's say, negative happens, we have feelings about it but might not have the time to understand or digest them immediately. So, at the end of your day, I suggest you reflect on what happened and how you felt. You may even start to see connections or links. 

For example, let's say you have a particular friend who, when you speak on the phone, vents about all their problems endlessly and never asks how you are. You always feel drained and exhausted at the end of those calls. When you start consistently taking stock of your life daily, you might start to put those experiences together and realize there's a link. You need to reevaluate this relationship as it may not be serving your authentic self. 

Or maybe you notice that after making self-deprecating jokes about yourself or others with friends, you realize you don't feel so great. You perhaps tend to overeat or overindulge in sweets to feel better. What are these patterns saying about how you see yourself and are they serving you positively or negatively? 

Tip #4. Figure out what "works" for you. 

On the flip side of the above, you may notice that specific patterns are positive. For example, you feel energized and confident after doing Zumba or some other exercise program, or perhaps it's after spending time with or around a particular friend. You notice your energy levels rising, and you feel positively invigorated. 

Or maybe after a bad day, you find relief in watching a romantic comedy or reading a mystery thriller. Perhaps it's a warm bath with bubbles that melts the stress away. 

These are examples of figuring out what works for you. 

You need to care for yourself and comfort yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Every realm of your life will inevitably impact the other, and as you care for yourself in one area, you will find the other areas will fall into alignment as well. 

Tip #5. Unleash your creativity. 

Another way to tune into your innate needs is to discover what truly allows you to express yourself. Perhaps painting, drawing, coloring, writing, designing, journaling, scrapbooking, dancing, singing... 

Let yourself go, explore, and get creative. 

It quiets the cognitive mind so intuition can take over. When you're in the zone, you are joyful, reduce stress, and feel well. You express your spirit in positive ways that only benefit and nourish your soul. 

Self-care is about feeling better, safer, more comfortable, and joyful in your skin - even in your worst moments. 

Are you taking care of yourself in this way? 

I can help you with your intuitive self-care as Boston's top psychic. 

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