What’s the difference between half hour and hour psychic intuitive readings?

by Mary Trettenero in July 24th, 2018

If you’ve never received a psychic reading before, you might be curious about how much time you need to book. Would half hour be enough time to dig into all your questions? Would an hour be too long or not worth it?

Some tips to choose the right length of reading for your psychic intuitive

Of course the choice is up to you and depends on many factors, but let’s look at the differences of what you might want to choose each option for:

A half hour psychic intuitive reading is good if you…

  • are just curious about receiving a reading and want to try it out
  • would like to get some insight into your life, but want to spend less money
  • only have a little time on a lunch break, or to fit it into your busy schedule
  • just need advice on a few questions
  • have received a reading recently in the past, but would like a quicker follow-up one to ask some additional questions

An hour long psychic intuitive reading is right for you if you…

  • want to dive deeper into your questions to receive more detailed and in depth advice and guidance
  • want to look into multiple different areas of your life, or have a lot of questions
  • are feeling very lost, stuck, confused or like you have a lot of things to work through
  • have time to be present and focused on your healing during our time together
  • are doing your first reading and want to receive a fuller experience for your first time

You also may come in with an initial list of questions, but find as you go along in your reading that new ones come up. Having some extra time to allow space for new things to reveal themselves is often very appreciated by my clients who opt for an hour long session.

Don’t let choosing a length for your reading become a hindrance to booking it, as even if a half hour is all the time you have, or the amount of money you’d like to spend, you will still get some accurate insight to help you move forward.

Regardless of the length of our reading, as Boston’s top psychic, I ensure you I’ll provide detailed guidance and insight into your life situation.

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