Turkish Coffee Readings: What Is Brewing In Your Future?

by Mary Trettenero in , April 25th, 2017

Your next cup of joe might do a lot more than just wake you up in the morning. For centuries, countries in the Balkans, Europe, and the Middle East have predicted the future based on reading coffee grounds. Called tasseography, the practice involves reading images in leftover coffee grounds or tea leaves that settle at the bottom of one’s cup. The traditional Turkish coffee reading fal – which means “fortunes” – remains widely practiced today.

What is “Turkish” coffee?

Turkish coffee is made by adding one to two heaping teaspoons of roasted Arabica beans, which are even more finely ground than espresso, into a copper or stainless steel pot called a cezve. Water is added to the pot and then placed on the stove to boil for several minutes. After cooling slightly, the coffee is poured into espresso-sized cups and given to those who wish to have a reading. Because Turkish coffee is neither filtered nor strained, you’re left with a mud-like sediment at the bottom of the cup, and it’s these grounds that will be used to tell your future.

What happens at a coffee reading?

 An individual or group of people will gather with a reader to drink the coffee. The reader will wait a few moments after pouring to allow the grounds to settle. After drinking as much of the coffee as possible before getting to the grounds at the bottom, the person receiving the reading places a saucer over the cup, turns it upside down, and swirls it around, allowing the excess coffee residue to drip down. Once the grounds are settled, the reader will turn the cup over and begin to translate the symbols he or she sees appear in the images made by the ground drippings inside the cup.

Are coffee readers psychic?

Some coffee readers are not psychic and only talk about the symbols they see in a coffee cup. They talk about whether the coffee grounds are clumped together or at the top or bottom of the cup. Others also use their intuitive powers to provide insight, guidance, and direction to those who seek it. And still others are both psychic and intuitive, combining these two abilities in their readings.

Are coffee readings better than other types of fortune-telling or psychic readings?

When it comes to fortune-telling, people can read in so many different ways, be it through tarot cards, palmistry, or coffee grounds. The talent and abilities are really with the practitioner, regardless of the method used. 

The same holds true for psychic readings. I have been a psychic medium for nearly 30 years and have assisted thousands of clients seeking to communicate with their loved ones lost. Acting as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, I am able to receive messages from the departed and bring comfort, solace, and peace to those left behind.

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