How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities

by Mary Trettenero May 23rd, 2018

As one of Boston’s top psychics, it’s my belief that each and every one of us has psychic abilities. The only difference is that some of us are more in tune with them than others.

Think about the last time you followed your gut instinct. Maybe you were considering attending an event but at the last minute changed your mind, only to later discover that something traumatic happened on the highway you would have taken. Or perhaps your eye catches a flyer advertising a concert that you decide to go to, only to meet the love of your life there.

These are examples of the “right” decisions that were based on feelings that had no rational explanation.

Well, that gut instinct is actually you psychically feeling something with your metaphysical senses – the clairs. If you’re wondering how you can improve these abilities, the below three tips may help.

How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities Tip #1. Meditate at least 15 minutes every day.

The best way to develop your psychic abilities is through meditation. Not only do you connect with your inner self and inner wisdom – your intuition – but you raise your energetic vibration, which puts you more in touch with the spirit energy around you.

Sit comfortably in a place where you can be free of distraction. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in deeply and slowly, and follow that same breath out. Once your mind is clear, you can ask questions about your family, career, or love life – or simply go inward and experience the sensations that arise.

And remember, we each of us may have stronger metaphysical senses than others. So be mindful during your meditation of what comes up for you.

Look for images. What do you see? Is there another person there? What does that person look like? Listen for sounds. Do you hear a name, music, words, or numbers? Monitor what you feel. Is anything registering in your stomach, like butterflies, your solar plexus, or your heart? What emotions are you experiencing? Do you feel angry, happy, warm, cold, excited, anxious? Do you taste or smell something suddenly? Does a thought pop out at you that seems to come from nowhere?

How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities Tip #2. Practice, practice, practice.

After a few meditation sessions, you’ll become aware of which of the clairs are naturally more dominant for you. You can further develop these through practice. For example, paying closer attention to visual details in your everyday life will increase your clairvoyance. Paying closer attention to sounds increases your clairaudience, and so on.

How To Improve Your Psychic Abilities Tip #3. Get a notebook and journal about your psychic experiences consistently.

A notebook to track your psychic development is essential. As you go throughout your day, if you get a feeling about something, write it down. This way you can look back to see whether that prediction came true or not. And when they do, you will build confidence and increased trust in your gut instincts. Additionally, the more you write, the more you will subconsciously expect to experience – and attract to yourself – psychic phenomena. 

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