What it’s like for a psychic intuitive or psychic medium to give a reading

by Mary Trettenero in , , January 7th, 2016

Some people still think that psychics are frauds, research you ahead of time, or are just good guessers. To dispel these myths about psychics, I thought I'd describe my psychic reading process so you can have an insider's point of view.

Psychics have different styles

Please note that I'm only describing my process. Another psychic's process may differ from mine. It's similar in the way that one artist's creative process is different from another artist's creative process.

Truthfully, I'm usually nervous before I read for a client. I'm less anxious if I've read for that person before because I know they connect with my style, which is slightly different. New clients may be expecting the stereotypical fortune-teller. 

The future is dynamic

When people come to a psychic, they think their life is an open book and their future is pre-determined. You can't predict the future with 100% accuracy because the future is dynamic. The future changes constantly because everyone has the free will to change their mind. When you change your mind, you change your future. 

I read from my living room with my client sitting next to me. After they have pulled tarot cards for the reading, I hold both their hands in my hands. I do this to establish a multisensory connection with them. Holding their hands, I hear sounds, see images, and get feelings and knowings. I also give readings over the phone, precisely the same as if that person is sitting next to me.

Reading is a multi-sensory experience

When reading, I’m open and receptive to anything that might come through, no matter how odd. There are no words to describe what it’s like. You have to have experience it yourself to know what it’s really like.

If I'm getting information clairsentiently, like the emotion of joy or fear, I feel it throughout my body. My clairsentience has become finely tuned after giving so many readings. I sense subtle nuances. Anxiety is different from depression, and fear feels different than terror or rage.

Taking care of the physical body

Frequently people ask me if giving readings is exhausting. I only get tired if it's a difficult reading. I go into an altered state so I can get spaced out. After a reading, I may need to eat something or reground myself. If someone comes to their reading exhausted or sleep deprived, I get sleepy and can hardly stay awake for the session.

Give what you get

 In our training, we're taught "give what we get," which means describing the information we're getting through our senses but not interpreting the meaning. The problem being the psychic may need to be more accurate with what they're getting. Describing what you're seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, smelling, or tasting is the best way for the client to recognize what the psychic is talking about.

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