Ten Ways To Know If You’re Psychic

by Mary Lee March 7th, 2016

Ten Ways To Know If You’re Psychic

How do you know if you’re psychic? This is actually a trick question and one that people ask me all the time. Would it surprise you to know that everyone is psychic? You are born with intuition and it’s yours to do with what you will. If you choose to be open to your psychic ability you can develop it. How psychic you are depends on a number of factors, such as natural ability, hard work, reliability and trust. Here are ten ways to know if you’re psychic.

1)  You have dreams that come true.

2)  You have hunches about things that are uncanny and mostly right.

3)  A statement or word pops into your mind. It was not related to what you were thinking about at the time.

4)  Something tumbles out of your mouth that seems to have bypassed your brain. You were about to say something else.

5)  You get “gut” feelings about people or situations that are cautionary or embracing.

6)  You feel compelled to call someone. They were either thinking of contacting you or need you because they’re in crisis or some other important reason.

7)  You feel like someone is talking to you in your mind. You are not psychotic or sychizophrenic, and no one is there.

8)  You can read with a deck of tarot cards without having any psychic development training. You tell people precise, non-generic things that are pertinent only to them

9)  You get random flashes of insight about things that are about to happen. 

10) You know what your pet is thinking. It’s as if you hear their thoughts, or they’re talking to you.

Warmly, MaryLee

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