Practical Strategies For Quarantine

by Mary Trettenero March 24th, 2020

Our new reality is that we will be self-isolating for, perhaps, 30 to 45 days in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

This might mean cabin fever for some. For others, it may not be too much of a change to a homebody lifestyle. But in all cases, this is the new norm we’re living.

Don’t fret about what’s out of your control.

It’s essential for our spiritual health to realize that there are some things we can’t control. Obsessing about the things that are out of our hands is unproductive. It doesn’t help the situation at all, and in fact, it can debilitate you to do so.

Focus on what you can do to strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.

As Boston’s top psychic, I recommend that you concentrate on the things that you can control. 

Here are some strategies to help make for a smoother quarantine.

#1. Keep a schedule.

It will help to stick to a schedule Monday through Friday, just as you did when you went into work. Not only will this make it easier for you to transition back to your in-office job post-quarantine, but you’ll find a sense of purpose, comfort, and calm by staying on task.

 Make actual appointments in your calendar to work out. And be sure that you get outside at least once a day for a walk or even just to take in the fresh air and some sun.

You’ll also want to get into a sleep routine, strengthening not only your body to fight illness, but also your mind and spirit, which need to be equally as healthy during these trying times.

#2. Take advantage of free services and programs online.

Many companies and organizations realize what a difficult time this is for everyone and are doing their part to serve the community. Several are offering free services or tools to the public. 

 For example, the New York Public Library and Amazon’s Audible are offering free books. The Houston Zoo has a live feed every day that focuses on a different area of the zoo. There are even free classical symphonies you can watch online. Perhaps you suddenly find yourself having to homeschool your child(ren). Look for online educational learning tools that have free extended trials.

Take this opportunity to check around and see what might be available – either free or paid – that can give you some knowledge, perspective, or even just a little bit of entertainment when you need it most. 

#3. Engage in online or TV yoga or qigong.

It’s important to stay active, especially since we are homebound and not getting out as much as we used to. Find an online or TV program that gets you fit. Half an hour a day is all you need to stay healthy. Yoga or qigong is perfect for smaller, indoor spaces. The bonus is that not only do they stretch your body and get the blood flowing, but there’s a secure mind/body connection at work as well.

#4. Consider finally going for that online degree.

If you have savings and a nest egg built up, you might consider taking a course toward that certificate, diploma, or degree you’ve had your eye on. Now that you have the time to do it, why not advance your career in the off-time.

#5. Get (back) into cooking. 

Fuel your brain with brain food, like unprocessed whole foods and water. You don’t have to rely on fast food since you aren’t rushing and on the go. Hone your cooking skills, and concentrate on what goes into your body. This will not only help you think more clearly, but you will feel better.

#6. Stay social. 

If you’re a social person who needs interaction, you can avoid feeling isolated by taking walks and greeting (at a distance) those you may pass. FaceTime friends and family who are local and that you can’t see, and others that are at a distance that you might not have otherwise had time to chat with. Another idea is to use online platforms to engage in gatherings, like a book club. 

#7. Practice mindfulness and meditate. 

Take time every day to go inward and meditate – even if this means just catching and releasing negative thoughts. If you’re concerned about sickness and illness, allow yourself to experience the idea. Then quickly release it. Acknowledge it, but don’t dwell on it. Force your brain to think a neutral or positive thought immediately afterward. For example, think, “I’m well-rested.” Stay positive. Positive thoughts, positive words, and positive hearts will help us through.

#8. Take this time to reflect. 

Before this pandemic, we were living in an incredibly fast-paced world, running from errand or task to errand or task. Now it feels like the Universe has hit the pause button. This is the perfect time to take stock of your life as it stands.  

Are you happy? What changes can you make that might improve your life? What is it that you want? Getting in touch with your higher, authentic self will help bring you closer to where you genuinely need to be in this Universe. Without all the distraction and noise of our everyday lives, we can focus on this. 

Yes, there are more substantial things happening around us to occupy our minds and hearts, but as I said earlier, it doesn’t help to obsess about that which we cannot control. So perhaps focus instead on what you can…

And it’s with this step, that I may be able to help.

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