Managing Your Psychic Sensitivity

by Mary Trettenero January 30th, 2020

Life can be very emotional for many of us. Along with joy, sadness, and other feelings – for those of us that are psychically sensitive – we may frequently experience emotional overwhelm and overload. 

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you may be psychically sensitive:

  • Do you feel pressure to take part in social interactions?
  • Does even the thought of attending social events cause you anxiety? 
  • Do you experience physical symptoms? Does your heart race, do you feel sweaty, or is your stomach full of nerves?
  • Do you feel emotionally or energetically drained after being around people?

If you’re not only psychically sensitive but also an empath, you can add to the above list the anxiety of other people as well as your own. 

Empaths are very in tune with how others are feeling. During social activities, we pick up on the stress of others and carry it with us, along with the rest of our anxiety.

If we could just shut ourselves down and learn not to feel, we’d be golden. But that’s not the answer, because the truth is, we need social interaction to live a good life. 

So for the celebratory parties and events coming up soon, here are six tips to help you manage your psychic sensitivity 

#1. Don’t say yes to everything.

You need to start setting boundaries and knowing what’s right for you. Because really, what’s right for you isn’t always going to be what is right for everyone else. So before you say yes and commit to such-and-such party or activity, meditate about it for a day. Sleep on it. Take time to go inward and think about how you feel about the event and whether it’s something that you want to do or can afford to take on without going into overload. If you think you can manage it, then say yes and enjoy it! If you think it’s too much, give yourself permission to feel okay, stating no. 

#2. Check-in with your inner self.

Take a few moments at the end of every day – perhaps before bed – to evaluate how you are feeling. Are you starting to feel that social anxiety and pressure crop up? By checking in with yourself from time to time, you can take stock of exactly how much you have left of yourself to give – and ensure you aren’t taking on too much.

#3. Take time out.

By taking time for yourself periodically, pampering yourself, or just spending time alone, you recharge your batteries. This puts you in a stronger mental and emotional – as well as physical – state. You’ll be able to manage situations from a higher vantage point and feel strengthened – as opposed to burned-out.  

#4. Remember what’s important. 

You have the power to choose precisely how you participate in your world. Make sure you do so in a way that fills your soul. Is it that you enjoy visiting an elderly family member and bringing them their favorite cookies from that bakery they love? Or is it volunteering for your favorite charity and spreading cheer in the community. If the activities you participate in fill your soul, you will feel energized as opposed to depleted.

#5. Stay in the present. 

It’s essential to stay in the moment. How often have you committed to going to one event, only to think about the next thing you have to do the entire time you are there. Staying in the moment and focusing on the present helps you not to feel overwhelmed about how much you’ve got ahead of you. 

#6. Get in touch with what truly nourishes your soul.

If you know what your higher self wants, it’s easy to figure out what things you should say yes to, and what you should take a pass on.

I offer intuitive coaching sessions and have helped many clients reach their fullest potential and the best possible lives for themselves. I do this by assisting them to get in touch with their intuition, their higher self, and the needs and wants they genuinely have. 

One great way to manage your psychic sensitivity is to get in touch with that which truly nourishes your soul. If you need help finding out what that is or how to get there, I am just a phone call – or click – away. 

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