How Psychic Mediums Get Information

by Mary Trettenero in November 4th, 2019

When most people hear the term psychic medium , the image that first comes to mind is that of a dark-haired mystical woman with a bandana slouched over a crystal ball. 

Well, it’s either that or one of today’s popular Hollywood TV mediums.

As Boston’s top psychic medium, I’d like to clarify what a psychic medium’s role is really all about.

Psychic mediums act as a bridge between the living and those who have passed over.

The Universe is all about energy. When someone dies, that energy doesn’t just disappear. There is not an ultimate finality that comes with death. Rather, there is a transition of energy.

That energy – which we can call the soul – passes into another realm – the spiritual realm.

What a psychic medium really does is communicate with those who have passed over into the spiritual realm. 

As sensitive and intuitive beings, psychic mediums may be able to see, hear, know, feel, smell, or even taste information coming from the spiritual realm. We then describe the messages received to those in the physical world that seek information or answers. 

But you might be asking yourself how we do this?

Psychic mediums use the clairs to “converse” with those who have passed over to the spiritual realm. 

Think of the clairs like the senses we have in the physical world (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting) extended out into another dimension.

Clairvoyance – or clear seeing – is when a psychic medium sees objects, actions, or events from different points of time flashing through their third eye. The mental images may be representations or metaphors for that which has already occurred (postcognition), is currently occurring, or will occur in the future (precognition). 

Clairaudience – or clear hearing – is when a psychic medium hears words, sounds, or noises in our mind’s voice. A psychic medium may receive words, numbers, or even sentences.

Claircognizance – or clear knowing – is a psychic medium’s ability to simply know something about people or events we’d otherwise not have any knowledge about and for which there is no physical meaning or explanation. 

Clairsentience – or clear feeling – describes a psychic medium’s ability to know something by feeling the physical emotions, pain, or sickness of a person or spirit. It’s a gut feeling that happens for no reason, other than the tuning into emotional energy of a spirit or person around us.

Clairsalience – or clear smelling – involves smelling odors or fragrances of a person, place, animal, or substance. The scent has no physical source in one’s physical surroundings. This can manifest as the smell of flowers, smoke, or perfume to indicate the presence of a loved one who has passed over.

Clairgustance – or clear tasting – allows a psychic medium to taste something that’s not actually present in our mouths. This is particularly the case when a loved one wants to associate a particular food or beverage that reminds us of them. 

Not every psychic medium uses the same clair(s) to connect with spirits. 

Just as people in the physical realm have better taste buds, senses of smell, and even intuition, each psychic medium is unique when it comes to which sense is strongest for them. 

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