3 Tips To Help You Manage Your Psychic Sensitivity

by Mary Trettenero in , , March 5th, 2020

Are you the type of person that easily homes in on – and feels – other people’s emotions? 

Do you not just feel those emotions, but take them on as your own? 

Are you typically overwhelmed in crowds and find yourself too easily adopting the ‘mood’ of the crowd?

Do these feelings emotionally or energetically drain you

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, you are likely highly empathic.  

Being highly empathic means you are psychically sensitive and very attuned to others’ feelings. So much so that you identify other people’s emotions as your own.

The problem for those of us who are empathic is that we tend to pick up on other people’s stress and carry it with us in addition to our own anxiety. This can be a very heavy load that becomes burdensome for us to carry.

If you want to start lightening this weight, the following three tips will help you better manage your psychic sensitivity.

#1. Stop, assess your feelings and determine whether they are yours – or someone else’s.

On those days when you feel out of sorts or just not yourself, take a moment to check in with none other than you. Evaluate what you’re really feeling. Then ask yourself: “Are these my feelings or someone else’s?” 

A couple of follow up questions that can help you determine the answer to the above question is “Why am I feeling this way? What is the cause of it?” You will hopefully be able to separate out the baggage that isn’t yours and clear your emotional palate before acting on feelings that aren’t your own. 

#2. Take time away.

It’s important to spend some time alone, doing something that relaxes and recharges your mind and body. Maybe you enjoy reading, swimming, running, meditating or cooking an elaborate meal. Or it might be as simple as staying in and watching your favorite movie or TV show. When you consistently give back to yourself, you put yourself in a stronger mental, emotional and physical state. This strength can help you manage your emotions in those social situations where you may need it. 

#3. Get in touch with your authentic self. 

When we connect with our higher selves, we become aware of our deepest feelings, thoughts, and desires. Without all the background and day-to-day noise, we are able to learn what we truly need to live our best life. 

By tapping into your own innate intuition, you will discover what your higher self feels, needs and wants. Once you are aware of these needs and wants, you can put into place a plan of action that will result in a happier life, one that you didn’t even think was possible.

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