How To Release The Resistance That Is Keeping You From Living Your Best Life

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As Boston’s top psychic, many clients come to see me because they have goals and dreams they want to fulfill but simply can’t seem to reach them. 

They want to be happy and find themselves in loving relationships, yet they fall into old, unhealthy patterns. They want to lose weight, yet can’t seem to stay on top of a regular workout routine or stop eating junk food. 

So what’s going on? What’s keeping them from living their best lives?

It is our inner resistance that keeps us from the very things we desire most.

Inner resistance comes for each of us in different ways. Maybe for you it’s procrastination or excuses. Perhaps you criticize and judge yourself to the point of being unable to take any steps toward your dreams. 

Whatever the case, you struggle against yourself and it feels as though nothing in your life changes even though you deeply want it to. That’s because…

We act (and attract) according to the beliefs we hold of ourselves, others, and the world. 

Let’s say, for example, you think you're an unattractive person. If someone you don’t know compliments, say, your eyes, you might question their sincerity. You might think they’re being sarcastic or flattering you to get something from you. As a result you may become guarded or wary, you may show insecurity by denying or playing down the compliment, or you may just choose not to hear it at all, effectively blocking any possibility someone could find a part of you attractive.

Contrast this to a person who does not hold such a belief. They would gladly accept the compliment, showing an air of confidence. This in turn makes them more attractive.

We form our beliefs of how we see ourselves and others on past experiences, traumas, or statements made by family and friends. Needless to say, some of our beliefs are damaging and they hold us back from experiencing joy.

What’s more, because the Universe gives us right back what we put out, if we live in fear, we get back all the things we are most afraid of. And we will never be able to live a life that will truly nourish us. 

So how can we put a stop to this inner resistance?

The key to releasing your inner resistance is surrendering to your higher, authentic self.

When you connect you to your higher self, you’re able to examine what your soul truly needs and determine whether your firmly-held beliefs are holding you back.

Once you let those go, you release your inner resistance so you can live your best life.

As Boston’s top psychic, I have helped thousands of clients understand where the resistance in their lives comes from. I can help them to reflect on and release deeply held beliefs that are the framework for the choices and decisions we make. It is only when we change our energetic frequency, emitting joy and trust in the Universe instead of fear, that we will attract fulfillment, happiness, and real connection.

How Boston’s Top Psychic Can Help You Release Your Resistance

As Boston’s Top Psychic, I can help you figure out what’s important to you and connect you with your authentic self so that you can increase your sense of fulfillment, confidence, belonging, and development as the joyful person you were meant to be. 

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