The Importance of Living a Life in Balance

by Mary Trettenero in August 8th, 2022

As one of Boston’s top psychics, I feel truly blessed that I’m able to help my clients live their best lives. Many people come to me with a deep yearning to feel content and whole, without knowing exactly how to get there. 

After decades of experience assisting others, I have come to believe that…

Balance is the key to a fulfilled, happy life.

What is a life in balance?

Let’s think of this Universe as one where two different worlds compete for our attention daily. 

The first is the physical world, which revolves around our bodies, food, money, homes, cars, clothes, and other material items. The second is the spiritual world, comprised of our souls and thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and dreams. I would categorize our social relationships as falling into both worlds since they take place in the physical realm, yet are our opportunities to feel loved and appreciated and make others feel that way too.

A life in balance is a life that considers and puts energy into both these worlds.


Because too much focus on one would inevitably mean neglect of the other. 

Let’s say you focus a lot on work and creating wealth but don’t make time for friendships and leisure. You will experience the effects of that imbalance (loneliness, burnout) and the resulting unhappiness it brings. You see…

To be truly happy, we need stability in both the physical and spiritual realms. 

Modern society looks focused on the physical world, particularly in the West. One scroll through Instagram makes it crystal clear - stuff and things matter to us a lot. 

Yet a happy life isn’t just one where we have food, shelter, and security. Nor is it one where we have the mansion of our dreams, a yacht, and billions of dollars. (Yes, that certainly helps in terms of the experiences you’d get to have, but they do not make for a happy life. After all, I’m sure you’ve met people that should be happy with all their material wealth and blessings but are still discontent. You may even be one of those people!)

You need to feed the soul what it truly desires to be stable. 

And what happens in the spiritual world can significantly affect how we experience our physical world. Our thoughts and beliefs control our behavior. So when you’re out of balance spiritually, your actions reflect that and create an unbalanced physical world. 

What are the signs my life is not in balance?

Do you ever feel that life has no purpose, or something is missing? Does one day run into the next? Has life become a series of mundane routines? More apparent indications that something is off include a vice, like overeating or a shopping addiction.

These are signs that you’re not living a life in balance. You are not happy, and you are not satisfied. 

So, let’s look at some aspects of these worlds and figure out where you may fall short.

Physical World

Your Body

Do you make time to exercise regularly and take care of your body? Do you eat nutritious foods that fuel you? Do you get enough sleep so that you feel energized the next day? Is your physical health at the forefront of your mind or on the back burner?

Your Finances/Work Life

Do you have the basics to survive, including food, shelter, and healthcare? Money itself is not the root of all evil; it’s the pursuit of it that is. Having enough money to be comfortable allows you to be independent and free to choose. But what is enough? How extensive is your need for material luxuries? 

Spiritual World


Are you keeping your mind sharp by reading books, returning to school, learning new things, or engaging in strategic games or puzzles? Are you intellectually curious? 


Do you have a social network (no matter how big or small) that gives you a sense of belonging, purpose, and meaning? Do your relationships stay at surface level, or do some go deeper? 


Are you self-aware? Do you take time to reflect every so often on the relationships in your life and how they make you feel? Do you know how to regulate your emotions and make choices that help rather than hurt you? 


I saved what I consider to be one of the most overlooked aspects of our lives for last. It’s the one that is left most undernourished by my clients. 

Do you have faith - in religion, spirituality, or the Universe? Do you truly know yourself and your spiritual needs? Do you grow in wisdom and insight by listening to your higher, authentic self? 

How Boston’s Top Psychic Can Help You

In my next article, I’ll discuss how you can work to achieve a balanced life. 

But for now, you should know that when you work to create a balanced life, you actively ensure that you take care of every aspect that requires your attention. Doing so helps you make better choices that have real consequences in the physical world. After all, you create the world around you.

Are you ready to get in touch with your intuition and figure out your true goals in life? If you’re interested in scheduling an intuitive session with Boston’s top psychic, CLICK HERE to book your ZOOM or phone session.

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