“How To Stay Resilient During Challenging Times”

by Mary Trettenero

We are currently navigating waters that are previously unchartered by our generation. We are all experiencing pain, suffering, and weakness as a result of the pandemic. On top of that, there are social injustices being fought. It can be difficult to stay strong, especially over the long haul. 

Being resilient is essential, and a mental, emotional, and spiritual mindset that can be strengthened. One of my favorite experts on this topic is Dr. Lucy Hone. Here are three of her tips on how to endure difficult times - and make it to the other side.

#1. Recognize that you are not alone in your suffering.

We have all - and we will all - suffer in our own way and at different times in our lives. You may see other people's Instagrams and wonder how they're doing so well. They seem to be thriving amidst the chaos. The truth is, Instagram captures one single moment in time. And not everything is as rosy as it appears (or as others want it to appear).  

Recognize that we all have both good and bad experiences. Life is made up of this. In fact, the good times would not taste so sweet if we didn't know how bad things could get. And whether we sink or swim largely has to do with our ability to get back up again. 

#2. Focus on the things you CAN control.

There are things in life that you can control - and things you cannot. You can do your very best with that which is under your control, such as keeping your mind and body fit, choosing to eat healthfully, choosing to associate with positive people. 

But you also need to recognize and accept that some things are out of your control. Things like when the pandemic will end or how other people obey or disobey the quarantine or stay-at-home orders.

When it comes to things that are out of your control, you need to let them go. Have faith that the Universe, God, or the higher power that you trust will work things out for the good. We may not understand how any good can come of this situation from our current perspective, but it will be made clear in due course.

Focus your attention on the things you can control, and the things that are good in your life that you are grateful for. This will help to cultivate inner peace, calm, and clarity.

#3. Ask yourself, "Is this helping me or hurting me?" 

As we go about our day, we think, say, and do things that shape our moods, perceptions, and experiences. Basically, this creates our reality. Make sure you check in with yourself about your current thoughts, speech, or actions. If you are having feelings coming from a place of anger, sadness, or despair, you may be hurting yourself. Instead, choose conversations that will strengthen you. Discover more about yourself by turning your reflections inward. You will come to realize that the cause of your unhappiness or depression is not the situation you are in, rather, it's your thoughts about it.  

Stay as positive as you can. Surround yourself with positive material and people. This helps you to strengthen your resolve so that you are better equipped to handle moments of weakness, which inevitably will come.

This pandemic will not last forever. It too shall pass. And whether or not you make it out stronger for it is up to you.

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