Are You Open To Receiving?

by Mary Trettenero April 15th, 2020

I was just putting the finishing touches on this article when COVID-19 took over our national consciousness. Overnight, our collective priority was on GIVING and what you can do to help. Less than a month later, millions of people have been infected and over 100,000 people have died, elevating our sense of community and humanity. GIVING & RECEIVING takes on a whole new meaning. I hope that those who suddenly find themselves on the receiving end will benefit from this post.

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A few months ago, I was involved in a car accident where I suffered injuries that took me out of my normal routine. Thankfully, I'm fine, but I needed to take time out to recover – both physically and spiritually. Suddenly, I was put into a position where I needed to accept help from others around me.

It was during this time that I started reflecting upon our ability to give and receive. I realized that…

Being open to receive can change a person.

Let me explain what I mean by this.

I’m a giver by nature. I give of my time and my talents to my friends, family (of the four-legged kind as well), loved ones, and clients. I have always felt fulfilled in this role as a giver. 

Over the past few weeks, however, when I’ve had to accept assistance from others, I realized just how much my identity had been tied to being a giver. 

I learned that I wasn’t comfortable with receiving help from others. I wasn’t used to it, and I wasn’t open to it.  

Receivers, on the other hand, are happy to take. 

Have you ever seen a child accept gifts? A smile crosses their face, and there is no pause in them, no inner questioning about whether they’re worthy of such a thoughtful surprise. They just take it with a grin. And if you’re a giver, bestowing such glee on another is hugely satisfying. 

But do you find yourself uncomfortable being on the receiving end of gifts or help?  

If you are, then opening yourself up to such receiving can change you. 

Here’s why you should consider opening yourself up to receive:

  • You need to fill your tank (to receive) to be able to give to others. Think about caretakers. When a person continually gives without receiving, they may end up sacrificing their own spiritual and physical well-being. It’s also known as burnout. If you don’t receive, you may find yourself depleted.
  • The laws of abundance, karma, or whatever you may wish to call it, are always in play. If you accept gifts of love or kindness, you will inspire more of the same in your direction. Your soul and your world will be brighter. 
  • You will be allowing another person to feel good about giving. Remember the happiness I referred to above that some people get when they give? You would be granting someone else the opportunity to feel this happiness when they give to you.
  • You deserve it. And this is the crux of this post. This is where being open to receiving can change you. It can be challenging to really look at ourselves and believe we are worthy to receive. It puts us in a vulnerable state to receive because we aren’t in control. It forces us to trust those around us who wish to give to us. When you open yourself to receiving, you open yourself to a more abundant world, one where you see yourself as deserving and worthy of the time and help of others.

So how can you open yourself to receiving?

It’s essential, to be honest with yourself and with your emotions. Consider this quote:

 “We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.” – Thomas Moore

Now, this quote makes sense when we think of relationships with others. Read it again and think of how it pertains to your relationship with yourself.

To receive graciously, you need to confront your feelings, your self-worth, and your vulnerability. This takes courage – and risk. 

You are likely aware that as a psychic medium, I can help you communicate with your loved ones who have passed over. But that’s not all… 

I am also an intuitive, and I can help you channel your energy to discover what you want out of life. I can help you step into your innate power. It’s here that you will let go of your current experience and tap into your higher self. It is here that you will find out what your soul truly needs to feel nourished, what you are thirsty and hungry to live your best life. Imagine the world of possibilities you will expose yourself to once you open yourself to receive.

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