3 Tips To Help You   Get Unstuck

by Mary Trettenero

As one of Boston's top psychics, January is the month I often hear my clients talk about their low energy. They feel like they aren't accomplishing what they want to in life.

Instead of moving forward and making progress toward our goals, many of us feel stuck.

Do you feel that way? 

Perhaps it's a New Year's resolution to lose weight that's just not happening fast enough for you. Maybe you continue to attract toxic people into your life, or you're tired of making the same mistakes over and over. 

Whatever the case, if you want to make changes for the better in your life, you need to know that…

Getting unstuck takes time. 

We're used to instant gratification in today's modern age of Google, smartphones, and ever-advancing technology. A wait time of longer than five minutes feels unbearable! 

But improving your life and stopping old habits does not happen quickly.

Here are three tips I give my clients to help them get unstuck.

Tip #1. Stay in the present.

If you find yourself feeling anxious, distracted, stressed, or disengaged with life, it's essential to stop and take a moment to center yourself.

Go to a quiet place, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Focus your mind on what your body is doing. As you fill your diaphragm with air, notice your belly expand and stay with it for a count of two, then breathe out slowly as your stomach falls for another count of two. Do this a few times until you feel you've calmed your nervous system. 

After this exercise, you will likely experience a sense of serenity and clarity, helping you make better decisions that will positively impact your present and future.

Tip #2. Release beliefs that no longer serve you.

Every day, we tell ourselves things about the people and world around us without even realizing we're doing it. 

Life isn't fair.

Nobody cares about me.

I'm not attractive.

No one loves me. 

In many cases, we formed these beliefs long ago, either based on our own life experiences or through inheritance from the people around us, taking them in as universal truths. 

The problem is that these beliefs turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. After all, the energy we put out attracts what comes in. And the energy we put out is based precisely on our deeply-held beliefs about how we see the world.

It's essential to reflect on your beliefs and recognize that you are no longer the person you were when you were a child, ten years ago, or even last week. Your ideas can change to impact your life positively.

Meditation is a beautiful tool to help you connect with your higher, authentic self. Here, you can reflect on those beliefs, examine whether they are true, and determine whether they are serving you well.

If they are not, visualize yourself putting those negative beliefs into balloons that you then release into the sky. They aren't yours anymore. Let them go. Watch them disappear. You can make space for new, positive, and healthy beliefs.

Tip # 3. Be patient.

Getting unstuck is essentially like reprogramming your entire operating system. You can't expect to instantly change patterns or thoughts and behaviors you've held onto for years. You must build little by little on healthy, solid ground and accept that this is a gradual process. 

So be empathetic and compassionate with yourself as you make the small changes that will significantly impact your happiness. 

How Boston's Top Psychic Can Help You

I can help you tap into your authentic self and assist you with dispelling the erroneous, damaging beliefs that keep you stuck. Only in this way will you truly let go of the past and move into the brighter future you deserve.

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