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I’ve touched a bit upon the type of psychic counseling I provide. After these initial readings, some clients find their newfound intuitive guidance valuable and wish to hone their intuitive abilities. My psychic intuitive coaching sessions allow my clients to work on specific areas in their life and goals they’d like to attain. They also impove their decision making skills on an on-going basis to help accomplish their goals and develop their best good intent.

My approach to providing psychic readings differs from the prevailing philosophy that you should only get one or two readings a year. I believe that if you find an intuitive session helpful, get another one, but only after you’ve finished processing and implementing the guidance you have already received.

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Coaching differs from counseling because we focus more on specific areas that either you have identified or that have revealed in an intuitive session. We use meditation and grounding techniques to develop personal intuition and good decision making. However, I do not encourage dependency on a psychic to make decisions for you. You must hold yourself accountable to make the right choices for yourself. This is why my psychic coaching sessions can be so valuable, because they support the idea that one can become independently intuitive and perhaps develop their own psychic abilities.

In psychic intuitive coaching, we start with a psychic intuitive reading to zero in on your objectives. Over the time we work together, we’ll continually evaluate if you’re on track to accomplish those objectives. We actively work at uncovering blocks and any resistance to change that is getting in the way. It’s a dynamic process, and you will keep refining your objectives along the way. I provide support throughout the process and valuable psychic insights that will show you how to work with and develop your own intuition.


Psychic Intuitive Coaching packages:




  • Three 45 minute sessions



  • Five 45 minute sessions



  • Eight 45 minute sessions

I have had several readings (personal readings, pet readings and intuitive coaching) from Mary over the past 6 years and each meeting has been completely amazing! Her readings are so accurate and insightful. I highly recommend Mary to everyone! 



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