Group Readings & Events

Psychic Tarot Readings for Groups, Corporate Parties and Trade Shows

MaryLee will go to your home or business for private parties. Rates based on a guaranteed number of readings. Call for rates and travel fee.

Please note that all parties can be done remotely. If you're throwing a company party, or a small group - MaryLee can do Zoom, SKYPE, or FaceTime sessions.

MaryLee also does large corporate events and trade shows. 

Rates based on the guaranteed number of readings, the size of the event and the distance from Boston. For home or business private parties, or large corporate events or trade shows rates and travel fees, CALL 617-242-4682  or CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME. 


"There are many readers who have some psychic ability but have difficulty consistently accessing it. And, there are many readers who are unable to decipher and communicate the psychic information they receive. MaryLee is one of those very talented few that is able to easily access psychic information and effectively communicate what she receives to her clients. She has appeared on my psychic radio call-in show numerous times. On each show she has received very high ratings from listeners for her accuracy and clarity. Over the past 20 years I have worked with and interviewed hundreds of psychics."

 In my experience, MaryLee’s psychic and intuitive work stands out above the crowd.       ~Richard Lanza, Owner of Open Doors


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