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Media Venues

Charlestown Patriot Bridge Feature Article
Charlestown Patch Feature Article
Walking the Path with Laura Wooster
Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff
WZPL “Your Time with Kim Iverson”
Explore Beyond The Usual Blog (#2 rated blog submissions for 2011)

WHDH TV Channel 7
WBZ Radio
Emerson College
Boston Herald
Boston Magazine
Boston Globe
Boston Cable Television
WBET Radio, Holistic Hour, frequent guest and guest host
KFHX Radio – weekly radio segment
Harvard Crimson
Allston Brighton Tab
Cambridge Tab
Dover Sherbourne Press
WZBC radio, Victor Venckus, Expanding Awareness

Articles and Excerpts

Charlestown Patriot Bridge                                                                                             MaryLee Trettenero feature article, “When You Know, You Know”.

Energy Healing                                                                                                                  Explore Beyond the Usual Blog, May 2012

Intuition & Creativity                                                                                                       Explore Beyond the Usual Blog,  May 2012

Intuition & Risk                                                                                                                 Explore Beyond the Usual Blog,  April 2012

Past Life Regression
MaryLee Trettenero in The Charlestown Bridge, April 13, 2005

Ghost Chronicles 03-09-2011
by Ron Kolek Interviewed 3/9/2011
by Rhiannon D’Angelo, February 16th, 2011

The Boston Globe / “Vision Quest”
by Carmen Nobel April 10, 2008

The Vermont Guardian “Clues From the Unseen Side”
by Greg Guma July 1, 2005

Boston Magazine Excerpt “Tales from the Dark Side”
by Andrew Rimas February 2004
(Full Article)

Carole Lynne’s “How To Get a Good Reading from a Psychic Medium”
Excerpt from “Great and Not So Great Reasons” Chapter, p.20-21 April 2003

Harvard Crimson’s Fifteen Minutes Weekend Magazine
The Vanity Issue/ The Editors’ Issue – Volume 15, Issue 14 December 6, 2001

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